Baby’s First Ball

Baby’s First Ball
This is a fun project and I’ve made several as gifts for babies. The pattern is the same as a bath scrubby or loofah. You put 25 to 35 single crochets in a ring (magic ring or chained ring) then 3 dc (you may use 5 for a VERY dense result)in each of the singles around. For rows 2-4 you place 3 dc in each dc around and you’re finished!

I used only 25 sc into ring and 3 dc in each stitch of rounds 2-4. The only difference I made was to slst a primary colored yarn into the top of round 4 to make a pretty contrast to the white cotton. Baby’s fingers love the feel and easy grip and the colored yarn is visually stimulating.
These are as fun to make as they are to play with! Have fun.

Crochet every single day.

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5 Replies to “Baby’s First Ball”

  1. Since baby’s put things into their mouths, I’m concerned about the yarn on this ball.

    But it sure is nice – and good for after that ‘everything in the mouth’ stage! Tossing back and forth, for instance.

    Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Why? If you know you’re making it for a baby the main part would be all one piece, and if you know how to weave in your ends properly there won’t be anything loose. And if you’re concerned with yarn content, then use cotton instead of acrylic. Babies have toys made with yarn all the time and I’ve yet to hear of a problem (with my own child included). You always supervise just in case anyways.

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